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Burning dvd


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I've been using Roxio 5 on my Dell Dimension for the past 5 years to make data dvds -- my means of backing up large files. The last time I tried using it, the dvd got rejected. I went through my supply of dvds which were the ones I had been using -- none worked. I went out and bought new DVDs. That did not work.

There are 2 lines of details on the error -- power calibration area error and write error command retry failed. I AM able to write to CD.

Thinking I may need updates (the Dell-supplied CD says it is Easy CD Creator 5.3.2), I downloaded updates at the Roxio site. The version now running is That did nothing.

I saw the RoxAnn advice that maybe the drive needs an update. The drive is an NEC DVD+RW ND110A 108B. When I downloaded the update utility from NEC, it resulted in a "Drive Not Found"

As you can tell, this problem solving has taken days and I've gotten nowhere. I'm tempted to resign myself to the fact that no one should be using a 5 year old computer and thus Roxio is forcing my hand to move on to something more contemporary.

Any sage advice?


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There are separate laser setups to burn CDs and to burn DVDs. There is a small area on the disc used to check the calibration of the laser, and after so many attempts it is full and the disc is a coaster. Apparently your DVD burning laser has failed, and it's time to get a newer drive.


Note that the newer burners are identified by introducing themselves to the software (Dynamic Drive Detection); in older programs there is a list of drives included so it can recognize them. The last Drive-up patch for newer burners for ECDC 5 was December 2004.


So either you want a burner from 2004 or earlier (altho Brendon can sometimes do a registry hack to get it recognized), or you will be dealing with newer software. Many drives include an OEM [Original Eqpt Mfgr] Version of a burning program they feel will work well, but it is a cut-down of the full Version of whatever. Or, you can buy something newer. (I've recently seen EMC 7.5 close on eBay at prices ranging from $2.76 + $7.50 S/H to $51 with FREE shipping.)


When buying software, always remember to check the system requirements to be sure your system can handle it ;)



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