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Registration Part 2


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Guest mlpasley


I really don't know what to suggest. The last part of the article in the knowledgebase suggests that you might have to do an uninstall and reinstall and then do the no email address trick.


However, I have no idea if that will work or if you might make things worse.

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Guest mlpasley
I had hoped that someone knew the proper "adjustments" to my existing Registry and may wait a bit to see if someone will share.


Unfortunately, when they changed message boards, all the solutions that we'd been using were lost unless we saved them personally. So it might be that no one remembers.


Have you tried running RoxioZap?


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  • 2 weeks later...
I ASSUME preview "missed" so re-posting w/add:


I had Videowave 5 PE on my computer for years and early this month deleted it in order to install EMC8.


EMC8 was/is a total flop for me so I am trying to get VW5 back.


Yes, I am the orig. purchaser, registered (way back when) owner, and have the TSID and CD key.


I installed, rebooted, etc... and all went well and correctly.


I click on the program, it opens, and up pops the "Please Register."


I follow the leads, fill out the form, (on-line all the time), and, eventually I get told that this TSID is allready in use? Of course it is; by me!


Now each time I click to open VW5 the "Please Register" pops up.


Is there a REGISTRY item that I can change to eliminate this bothersome thing?



The add:


If the online registration window or dialog continues to appear after you have

registered successfully, check the "I don't have an email address yet" box, then press

the REGISTER LATER button to enter the program. You will need to do this ten

times before the online registration window or dialog no longer appears.


I tried the above and it failed to get rid of the registration pop up at each VW5 start.


My registry contains:(partial)


RegLaterCounter Oxffffff9 [4294967289]

NoEmailYet Ox0000001 [1]

and more.





It seems every one who needs to re-install VideoWave has the same problem.


The problem seems to be caused by Roxio's registration system, it checks the TSID number and

as it sees the TSID has already been registered will not allow you to register.


We spoke to Roxio about this on there regular sales / regiostration number (not the premium rate support number), they promissed to send out an email with a fix 48 hours ago, but nothing so far.


It seems the registration system designers did not allow for re-installs, a bit dumb !

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Not so far, will ring them again when I get a moment, probably Friday 10am GMT


Got the promissed email from Ireland....



Subject: Ticket #: 164701

Date sent: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 05:07:09 -0500



Dear Melanie.


Thank you for your email and contacting our Roxio Tech Support office. Regarding your queries you will find some helpful instruction:


1. Remove VideoWave using Windows add/remove program


2. Remove any other Roxio programs using Windows add/remove



3. Use ROXIZAP.EXE that completely erase roxio reference in the system


4. Search (Run -> Search) your computer for any folders that have the word Roxio in them and delete those folders


5. Reboot


6. Re-install VideoWave.


I hope that this help.


Kind regards

Roxio Tech Support

Cornelia Lehne



Wasted an hour trying this, as I expected no change, Roxio Registration still reports TSID already registered.


What a pain !!!!!

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