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Hi. Sorry, at this time there are no plans to add more file types to DMA support. However, Creator 10 includes full backup support of all document types.

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Thank you for your reply.

I think Creator 10 looks too sophisticated for my needs. I wonder if Backup My Pc would do the job?

I want to back up 160GB of data to dvds. I would then number each dvd as it was entered into a photographic database (Portfolio). When I want a file off disc I need to be able to just get the relevant disc and the file should be available without restoration, etc. and complete, not spanning discs.

I want the back up software to burn the first 4.7 GB in the queue and then ask for the next disc until the job is complete.

This appears to happen in Digital Media Archive but it does not accept my file types, is this the way that I can easily get Back Up My PC to work?

Is there a trial download version of Back up my PC?


John White

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