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Cineplayer - Spdif Not Passing Thru



I've just purchased Media Creator 8 and am a long time loyal Roxio customer.


When I configure Cineplayers audio output setting to use SPDIF - what I get is two channel audio. Is this normal for the Cineplayer component of Media Creator 8?


Normally, it wouldn't matter to me but it seems that Cineplayer has also hijacked the DVD audio settings in windows media player, which I use often and does matter.


I'm using a Soundblaster X-FI as my sound card. I am able to play DVD direct to SPDIF via PowerDVD (preloaded on computer), where the soundblaster handles Dolby Digital, or by selecting its 6 channel setting in which PowerDVD presumably does the Dolby Digital decoding and renders via multichannel wave.


The question is, why isn't Cineplayer just letting SPDIF pass along when playing Dolby Digital titles? I mention dolby digital titles here, because if I select a DTS title, Cineplayer pops up a dialog that complains it can't handle the format and that it will pass the audio to downstream SPDIF. (Of course, the X-FI nicely takes DTS from there). This is what I thought I was getting when I selected SPDIF audio output, in the first place! So Cineplayer is aware of the need to pass a digital stream along downstream, just why not a Dolby digital one?


What gives?


Is there some error in my installation? I hope this is the case!!!!


Do I need to purchase an upgrade for multichannel audio?


(This would be a *egregious* abuse of customer good will - SPDIF output is intended to pass an audio stream down-stream, and I just happen to have a the proper decoders there. Not passing thru just isn't SPDIF, and paying extra hard earned cash for a multchannel decoder just for Cineplayer, in light of this, would be rubbing salt in the wound - I didn't just fall of the vegetable truck yesterday!)


If I can't get Cineplayer to either install correctly and play Dolby Digital correctly, can I remove it without removing the rest of Media Creator 8, so I can get my Windows mewdia player back and set to use SPDIF out?


Heck - I'll even take a registry tweak as an answer if that what it takes.


Anybody got an answer?

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