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Label Creator & Lightscribe



Full Credit for the following goes to gebi1 Highlander and cdanteek. I merely typed up this summary of the tips that they passed along to us in a recent thread.


Key to any LightScribe writing is to have the required LightScribe drivers present. These can be downloaded by going to and downloading the drivers. Also check there for updates. At the time I write this, the is the current version. This version includes enhancements to darken the printed output.



The basic CD/DVD template included in Label Creator leaves much to be desired for LightScribe printing. The best thing to do is to create your own.




Start a New Project, and select Disc. Delete everything. Now pick a new Style. Delete everything, including the background (unless you really want to use them).




I prefer to stop at this point and do a Save As calling it "Blank Disc.jwl". Use Explorer or do File Open. Right click your masterpiece and select Properties. Set the Read Only property to protect your template from accidental overwrite.




Now you can add pictures and text as you please.




You will notice that CD's print better than DVD's. The 2, I have shown are Verbatim but gebi1 reported the same with TDK's so we assume it is true with all brands.




gebi1 also mentioned double printing for those that want it darker. Of course this takes twice the time and you might consider that a laser is sophisticated light bulb but will burn out with use.


In this pic, the upper "+Add Text 1+" has been printer twice. The "+Add Text 1+" below it was printed on the 3rd printing run. The upper, twice printed, is noticeably darker but the registration is slightly off. Now I will be honest, I had to get out a printers loupe to confirm it. If I had not printed the 3rd "+Add Text 1+" I would not have noticed it at all. I have always felt that if you need a loupe or magnifying glass to prove your point, you have already lost the argument!




The vertical "+Add Text 2+" was printed on the second printing. I used the '+' sign as a way to align the test and as a test of registry. Rather that flinging text with a mouse, you can use the arrow keys to precisely move it. Even with the arrow keys, LC does not allow the same precision as found in MS Office and you can see the '+' signs are a little off.


Still the fact remains that you can add info to a disc and flip it over and add more text to your LightScribe side without being overly concerned that it will be out of register.


Again thanks to gebi1 for bringing this to my attention.


cdanteek also found some burn time numbers on the various media versions.


30-38 minutes



16-20 minutes


1.3 (coming soon)

8-10 minutes


(Thanks cd)


The version numbers are on the box and very small! (v1.2 in the pic)




And I would be remiss if I didn't point out Neil's (The Highlander) original and through contribution on LightScribe, in April 2007.


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