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how do i re-order files on a video ts compilation?


ive been recording a tv show to recordable dvds.


id like to rip these dvds and make menus for them.


when add the ts folder to my compilation the episodes are listed in reverse order and there is no option for a menu.


any ideas?

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This takes a little more work.


1. Choose DVD video under the DVD list. Do not choose VIDEO_TS compilation.


2. Place one of your VIDEO_TS folders on the desktop (or in the Movies folder) but not inside any other folder.


3. Choose DVD with the top button of Popcorn's Media Browser. In a couple seconds your VIDEO_TS folder's title will appear in the browser. You can use the second button in the browser to choose specific titles or chapters. Drag what you want from the browser window to the main Popcorn window. Popcorn then extracts MPEG files from your VIDEO_TS folder.


4. Move the first VIDEO_TS folder from the desktop and repeat this process for each of the VIDEO_TS folders you want to combine.


5. You can drag the order of titles in the Popcorn window.


6. Enter your menu descriptions, choose your thumbnail menu images and select a menu design.


7. You are now ready to burn your compilation DVD with a new menu.

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