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Some Questions On Modes In The Capture Module, Or...



It was suggested that SmartScan is a bit of a strain on both tape and camera, and it certainly would seem logical that would be true. The only reason that I always used SS was because of the automatic scene detection that occurs as the material is being captured. Using manual capture would(I thought after reading the notes on the subject) lead to all of the scenes recorded as a single segment. In fact that seemed true with the first attempt at editing - one scene 75 minutes. When I opened the files from the folder in which they were stored, a small downward pointing arrow on the still frame used by the program as an icon for the file. Double clicking on the arrow led to the individual scenes pretty quickly.


So, finally...


As I move on down the path toward starting to begin to commence understanding EMC 7.12whatever, and finally getting enough help to get the capture element to work (for that adventure, see "Can't capture, Clyde") in (only) manual mode, I find a puzzlement. When I bring up my raw video footage to edit, the segment has already been seperated into scenes in what appears to be exactly like those that would have occured with SmartScan. Now if this is normal (Question 1: Is it normal?) then how does the output of manual mode capture differ from that of SmartScan (Which is question 2.)

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Guest mlpasley

Yes. It's normal.


Smart Scan will only transfer the scenes you select to your computer.


Manual captures everything. I usually go under the Options and limit the time capture to avoid having the capture inone big file.

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