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Result Code -2006



I keep getting and error message with "result code =-2004" when I try to open a new window in Jam 6 (it started with Jam 5 and I thought updating would help).


What does this mean and is there a resolution?


I tried searching for it on this board and on Google. All I found was an apparently out of date posting since I received a "server not found" message.


Can anyone help?



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Fixed it!


The problem lies in the Mac System Preferences>Sound pane.


It seems that Jam will not work if I select anything other than the Mac built-in audio as the output device (I have a Digidesign digi001/ProTools system). Switch back to built in audio and all works OK.


Hope that helps anyone else with this problem.

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Same problem here - things were fine a week or two ago, then suddenly Jam refused to play ball in OSX. It all works OK in OS9, so the problem must be a Mac OS problem.


When I first bought Jam 5, I seem to recall that it wouldn't work in OS9 - only OSX, but a Quicktime update sorted that problem.


Currently running Mac OSX 10.3.9, Quicktime 7.0.4



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