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Burning A Dvd To Send To Japan





Our organization is hosting 18 Japanese families in the United States and I would like to shoot some video of our town and the sites as a preview to their arrival.


If I shoot it with a Mini DV camcorder and burn it to DVD, will Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 allow me to burn it so it will be compatable with a DVD player in Japan?


I know that DVD Regions in world are different and that DVDs you buy retail outside of the US will not play in our DVD players.


Any advise as to how to burn this DVD so it can be played in a DVD player in Japan?


Would it be safer to use Microsoft Movie Maker 2 and perhaps burn it onto a CD disc so it could be played in a home computer or recent model DVD player in Japan?


Any help or advise would be appreciated!

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Interesting... I googled and got this site which states Japan uses NTSC-M just like the US. But I guess it doesn't matter as long as the disc works.

I admit confusion on this but I was only familiar with it in dealing with the software I use for my tv tuner card adn my friend living in Japan. I did find some info here that states: Only Japan's variant "NTSC-J" is very slightly different: in Japan, black level and blanking level of the signal are identical, as they are in PAL, while in American NTSC, black level is slightly higher than blanking level. Since the difference is quite small, a slight turn of the brightness knob is all that is required to enjoy the "other" variant of NTSC on any set as it is supposed to be; most watchers might not even notice the difference in the first place.

I also found NTSC-J is a videogame region which covers Japan. Games designated as part of this region will not run on hardware designated as part of the NTSC-US or PAL region.

Seems this is all nothing to really concern anyone so I apologize if I got us all way off track. :)

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Japan uses the same NTSC format that the US uses. ALL home burned DVDs are region free and should play there just fine.

Actually, Japan uses NTSC-J, the same as PS2 games. To quote "NTSC-J is a variation of NTSC-M which differs only in the black level signal value which complies with PAL-B/G/H/I/D. " It only effects the analog signal. But as Gary says, you'll have no problems with them playing in Japan. I have a friend living there and I've made dvd's from his camcorder and digital camera and he's had no problems at all with the discs I've made with EMC.

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