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Refund on BackOnTrack3


I have had nothing but trouble installing this software. I had to uninstall my registered version of EMC9 because of the new serial numbers that were given to me screwed it up! I could reinstall EMC9 but I think I'll checkout other possibilities other than Roxio. I have used the "Live Chat" at least three time and have a webticket #461204 and have called the 1-800 number at least twice. I have requested and hopefully will recieve a refund since I bought this nonfunctioning software on 10/04/07. Roxio, I have bought many products from you in the past, but enough is enough--no more! :angry:


Roy A Beaumont

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FYI, this is a user forum, not a direct form of contact with Sonic/Roxio. As such it's open to anyone, so it's not a good idea to post email addresses here as it's likely to be picked up by spammers. You may want to edit your post to remove it, if it's not too late already.

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