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Copying From Mac To LaCie?


I have a 24" Intel iMac with Superdrive, Toast 8 AND a LaCie d2 disc burner.


When copying audio CDs I prefer to load the original in the iMac and put a CD-R in the LaCie d2 to burn to. It saves time.


However, after it has read the CD my iMac insists that I remove the original from it and put a CD-R in it so that the copying is done 100% on the iMac.


How can I copy a disc direct from iMac to my LaCie d2?

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At the bottom of the Toast window there is the name of the destination drive. Click that name so the LaCie shows up (although it will be a name other than LaCie because it will be the name of the drive manufacturer). This is also selected in the pop up menu in the Recorder Settings window.


I have a similar set up and my LaCie drive is always the default after I selected it the first time at the bottom of the Toast window.

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