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I would like to join individual produtions into 1 movie. productions are sliceshows with audio and I would like to combine them into 1...any help would be appreciated..


I'll assume that you made the slide shows in Video Wave rather than one of the Slide Show Assistants. If you made the slide shows with one of the Assistants, I don't think you can; I may be mistaken though and someone will, I'm sure, will correct me.


There are several ways of doing that and each has advantages and disadvantages. Since you didn't say how you want it to play on the DVD, I'll assume you want one button on the DVD menu to play all.


Output each of your projects to a mpg2 for DVD best quality using the output icon in Video Wave. Each mpg2 file can then be added to the final (new) project in the order you want. They will be combined in the project seamlessly. This may take a little longer than other methods but you'll have the advantage of rearranging the individual slide shows if you decide to change the order. The projects will not be re-encoded when they are added to MyDVD.


The other way, if my memory serves, is to open MyDVD and select add movie. When the Window opens, select the projects that you want to add in the correct order using CTRL-Enter. All the projects will be encoded together.

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