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Disk Images - Audio But No Video ?





I've been using iMovie projects as the source, and saving to disk image - everything looks to work fine - mount the image and open with DVD Player to have a look - chapter markers even work, which was great after only making sVCD before (no DVD burner until now) ... but then click on a title, then a chapter - and there is audio but the picture is just black - aaargh, the frustration :-)


This seems to be the opposite problem to that which crops up in the forum a lot, of video but no audio. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is, I'm sure it'll be something silly.


Thanks for any help, Colin XX

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Oops, my bad probably ... never occurred to me that just because the drive shipped a few days ago, that didn't mean the bundled apps would be up to date ... just saw a similar thread 5 pages down where "are you using 7.0.2 ?" is the suggestion - checked and I have 7.0.1.


It did give me woe - would like to use iDVD but running into the Error -34506 situation and none of the workarounds from gossip columns have helped ... shame, because the navigation you can set up with iDVD is so darn nice - I expected an inflexible Janet & John thing, but noooo


Fingers crossed, Colin XX

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