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Videowave Fixes In 8.05



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Usually, people without any problems don't visit the forum. There have been a few to post successes. Personally, I have NEVER had a problem on either machine listed below. Even the original release worked fine for me.


I don't recall Roxio posting exactly what the patch was to fix. I haven't been to the update page in awhile.

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Hmmm. good point. I haven't had a problem with 8.0 except for the lack of preview screen

on the capture program. But it does capture fine and I just use an external tv for my avc-2010 and

the camcorder screen for the camcorder. Just wondered if 8.05 would fix that or break something


As long as I'm in the area, I could use some help/guidence on DVD burning. I have EMC 8.0.

I capture my VCR Tape with my avc-2010 and it says that it is 6 Mbps. It is an mpeg file. When

merge this all together and go to burn this on a DVD, if I set the bit rate to 6.00 Mbps will it

re-render the 6 Mbps again before it writes it to the DVD ? I hear that you don't want to do

that because everytime you do, the picture gets a little worse. Thanks for any help.

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It shouldn't. You will be able to tell if it does. The render preview will show a grey still image with the work MPEG when smart render is working. I have done this a few times already successfully with files recorded on a set top recorder.


You are correct. You don't want the file to re-render if at all possible. MyDVD still may transcode the audio to AC3 even though the video is not re-rendered.

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