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MyDvD and mpeg-2 codec


when i start the mydvd movie creation tab in roxio 9 xe i get a message box that states 'the following codec(s) must be activated before useing the application ...... MPEG-2 .... click OK to activate, or CANCEL to abort, .... well i can press either button and the next message i get is 'no permission - bad installation' and only 1 'ok' button ... which when pressed shuts MyDVD down (same happens with 'MyDvD Express) .... the roxio program came preloaded on the pc (only 6 weeks old) and i dont have the installation disc to reinstall ... is there some update i could install to fix this and if so where would i find it .... the program works with data , audio, backup and photo disc creation with no probs ..... can some one please assist me in resolving this as it is driving me wild. thank you in advance for any solutions.

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Well join the crowd. I bought Creator 10 ($100) and am having the same problem.


JW, you have version 10, not 9. You should post in the EMC 10 forums. EMC 10 isn't supposed to require activation.


See this thread, and follow the steps that is in the link in one of the first posts.



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