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7.01->7.02 - asks for registration and my number won't work!


I have a G5 running Panther with Toast 7.01. I want to update to 7.02, because as I understand it, in this version the multiple-disk backup thing will give me a choice to re-burn an individual disk if there's an error (it stinks not to have this option when backing up to 24 DVDs and #21 has an error!). I downloaded the update from the website but it appears to be a new app, not an updater, and when I run it, it asks for a serial number. I enter the one I had and the "continue" button is still grayed out! Why do I need a serial number to update a minor release, and why doesn't the old one work? I also have v8 (for a Tiger machine) but that won't work on my Panther mac, and its serial number doesn't activate the "continue" button either. What can I do?


Thanks in advance,



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A similar situation has happened to me. I purchased 7 for another mac that crashed and replaced it with a G4. The update does not recognize my seriel number. Help!!

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