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Time stamping videos and photos

Jim B


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I found a freebie program called DvDate here




It's a small program and it works great. It places a time/date stamp on the captured AVI file every place the camera records a new scene. The duration of the stamp is adjustable. You need to go to the preferences settings and check the automatic box and enter the length of time for the duration ( it defaults to 5 seconds).


After that, CTRL+I stamps the file. The stamped file is saved to the same name as the orig but with "_in" appended to it.


The file can be edited in Videowave. You can split it, add transitions and color panels to it, and delete parts of it. Do not delete any part which shows the stamp or it will be lost. You can output the file in any format and the stamp will be preserved.


When you close the program the first time you will be asked to save you preferences. Hit all and the program saves them every time it closes and won't nag you again.

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QUOTE(Jim B @ Oct 31 2007, 12:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Has anybody had any experience with these programs?

They sound like they would be extremely helpful.

Are there any frebies out there that do the same thing?



It was recommended in some threads. One forum member (myguggi) appeared to have used it.



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