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Can Newest Jam Create Crossfades With Simple Keyboard Input?



I've used Jam v.2.6 for years on my Mac with OS 9.2 in order to make discs with crossfades. The application easiliy permitted one to use the keyboard to punch in the desired seconds of crossfade, and to adjust it to 1/100 secs. intervals etc.


My understanding of the newer Jam versions is that while crossfades are certainly still accomodated, it is necessary to "drag" the handles shown where the 2 songs intersect in order to create the crossfade; if you want to adjust one that you've created, you have to do it over again. It seems to me to be a step backward, as compared to simply typing in a different interval the way I was used to.


As I've upgraded to Tiger 10.4.5, I'd like to upgrade my Jam, as well, instead of using the Classic environment or booting into the 9.2.2 partition on my drive. Can anyone advise if the newest Jam version would permit the type of crossfade creation I'd like, using the keyboard and number pad instead of being forced to manually create the crossfade?


Much thanks for any help,


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