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Toast Changes My Layout....



Toast 7 has run like a wee charm for me in almost all aspects except one... I hope someone has a simple solution!


If I want to back up my data to a CD or DVD, I have in the past created an image through Disk Utility (a dmg file), filled it with the data files and folders etc that I want to back up, and have the layout the way I want, in the order I want etc,


However, Toast insists on moving everything around, and I get a perfectly readable but very jumbled disk as a result. Everything is there, my Mac will open it (or a mate's PC if I do a hybrid disk), but it is all screwed up in layout. (Not pretty and very unprofessional looking in the case of a disk to go with my written CV and job applications, I might add!)


Surely there is something simple I am missing here?


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Fingerman's the expert on this and I'm trying to remember what he's posted about this.

I think the solution has something to do with locking the mounted disc image (via Get Info in the Finder).


However, according to Toast Help you can do this by creating a temporary partition with Toast instead of creating the image with Disk Utility. Go to Toast Help and read the instructions for Making a Mac Volume Disc. It states: "The Macintosh files and folders will be copied exactly to the disc, including window sizes, positions, and View menu settings."

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