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Split Screen?



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Sorry guess we should have been clearer.


Place a color panel inthe main track. It defaults to 5 secs. Change this to the same length of the video clip or longer.


Add video clip to the overlay

Resize it to about 85% original size


You can then output this to a second file to insert into MyDVD or you can insert the Videowave project into MyDVD. Both should work fine. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to center the video exactly in V8. Ouch! In V7, all I did was type in the zoom level and the image wasn't moved so it was perfectly centered.


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Did you remember to remove the original video from the normal track when you added the movie to the overlay track? Are you getting sort of a picture in picture effect? On the normal track, you should have only a color panel the length of the movie. Add the movie to the overlay track and then adjust that overlay to "fit". Make sure you have centered it so that the entire video is centered but smaller than the color panel.


Also go to tools/options and click on the button to delete the proxy files. This deletes the old garbage that may be showing up. It will take a couple of minutes for the automatic rebuild of those files. Be patient; wait until the hard drive has stopped being accessed.


Hello and thanks for the help. NOW there are two screens in the preview area. I get about half of each appearing. For example, I get two halves of on head. This even appears when I burn a DVD.


What's the deal?




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