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Disappearing Program



Add me to the crowd that has found Easy (hah) Media Creator 8 to be as buggy as a beehive. Anytime I attempt to use Media Manager some Roxio process takes over my computer and sometimes even Task Manager doesn't help. Now things are really great because after using Disc Copier my Home screen is gone. I click on the icon on the bottom of Windows (Home always minimizes itself when you run an application) and nothing happens. I open Task Manager and it says Media Creator Suite is running but when I switch to that task (Drag to Disc is the only other application running) nothing happens. I tried ending the task and then running the program again, still no home screen at all (and no, I am not running in Mini-Mode). I tried shutting down the computer and restarting but when I run Media Creator all it does is put a button on the bottom bar of Windows and no matter how many times I click the home screen never comes up. I guess the only thing left to do is reinstall but I think it would be better if I just got rid of this buggy thing (I have yet to be able to do anything useful that I couldn't do with Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center). Is there any way to get this program to respond without having to reinstall. I also should mention that I tried running the patch and it said I did not have the program on my hard drive (perhaps I already have version 8.05 but I can't tell right now because I can't run any of the components except Drag to Disc because I have no home screen.


Just in case anyone trying to answer my post wants to know, here is what I am running this on: Gateway 820GM P4 530 3.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive (about 50 gb free), 8.5 GB Double Layer 8x DVD +/- RW drive & 16x DVD ROM drive, ATI Radeon X300 SE Video 128MB Video RAM & Gateway 17" Flat Panel LCD monitor running Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2.

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Foremost, make sure you have updated all drivers. Video card, audio card and DirectX. Don't rely only on the Windows Update service. Make sure you scan regularly for adware/spyware and virus/trojans.


Anytime I attempt to use Media Manager some Roxio process takes over my computer


This sounds like 'watched folders' in the Media Manager. You can easily turn this off by right clicking the icon in the systray and choosing - stop watched folders. You can also turn it off as a menu option in the Media Manager. You can permanently turn it off without affecting any applications.

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