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Creating Labels


Can you help me ?

I want to create a cd case label for an audio folder on my pc, but DO NOT want to create a cd. Is there a way of importing this info into the label creator without burning off the cd first? Why do things have to be so complicated? This was SOOOOOOOOO easy in creator 5. Why do people have to mess with things when they are not broke?????? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As far as the track list is concerned, I find that if I put the CD in my CD\DVD player, then in label creator, highligt the back view, then click auto fill from disk (in the left pane under edit layout), the track titles appear.


You can also right click on the track list, click numbered, to get the tracks numbered (but then the track title insists on being on one line for each track, so for long titles the right hand end may not show). Clicking Bulleted does allow titles to spill onto a second line.


Note that if you then try to do any editing, e.g. change font size, they all disappear - and annoying bug.

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