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"Could not record disc" error -50 using plug and burn



I'm plugging in a Panasonic mini-DV camera to my ibook running OS X 10.4.10. I have 1.5 gigs of RAM and a 60 gig drive. When I attempt to burn straight to Verbatim DVD in Toast 6 Titanium the program will rewind the DV tape, start the process, and then give an error saying "Could not record disc because of a Mac OS error. Result code = -50". I tried to import the video and then burn it, but part way through the import it stopped because it said my hard disk was full (I have 7 gigs available). I've tried this with more than one DVD.


I'm a touring musician, and what I really want to do is tape a show, then the next day while we're driving to the next gig, I want to pop in a DVD, plug in the DV camera, and burn the disc and save it to watch when we get home. I like the plug-and-burn function because it's supposed to be simple and straightforward. Any advice would be mucho appreciado! :o

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I'm not sure the reason for the -50 error. As for the the hard drive being full that may be correct. I believe Toast reserves at least 4.5 GB of space to reserve space for encoding the MPEG files before burning the DVD. You may need more hard drive space.


Here's an alternative approach instead of using plug & burn. Download the freeware application Vidi and use it to capture the DV video from your camcorder. Then drag the captured video to the Toast Video window. This approach may avoid the -50 error.


As for the hard drive space the easiest thing would be to get a bus-powered portable hard drive or possibly even a large USB flash drive and either capture the video to that drive or select it in Toast Preferences as the location for the Converted Items folder.

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