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Music Disk Creator - Volume Level



In EMC9 under Audio, I am using MDC for the benefit of controlling transitions between songs (gaps, overlaps, fades, etc) but con not find a Normalization or similar volume control. Under Project Setting I found a checkbox called "Maximize volume of each track" but that doesn't sound like Normalization.


Under Audio if you use "Create Audio CD" there is a Normalization feature but no Transition controls.

I can't understand why Roxio can't put all features under one roof.


I prefer to use MDC for the transition feature. Can I control volume there as well?

Thanks -


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Thanks, Jean, I was aware of that as noted in my original posting. The problem is Audio/Audio CD has Normalization but no transitions. Audio/Music Disk Creator(MCD) has transitions but no Normalization. I can't get the two to mesh.


I tried going to Audio/Audio CD and opening the file I created in MDC by clicking File/Open Saved Project but it then automatically reopened the MDC module. I burned a CD and the volumes are all over the place.

Any other thoughts?


S -

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What I meant: check the use normalization in Roxio Home, then use Music dics creator.


As I understand it the other setting (maximize) will adjust the volume of each track so that its loudest part is maximized. I would have thought that would gives atisfactory results: each track maintains its dynamic range, with the loudest parts of each at (more or less) the same level.


If normalize is inactive in Music Disc Creator when checked in Roxio Home, have you tried the maximize voolume in Music Disc Creator?


I don't use normalisation. I have mosyly classical music and I would not want a movement that is meant to be much quieter than another to be artificially made louder.

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