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Help_ is DVD-Rom (UDF) what I want to use?



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client says she can only see the jpgs. She does not have Photoshop as yet and she's on a PC environment.

Does she not see the files listed or does she have trouble opening the files?

Being in the graphics industry myself, I've met many clients who couldn't tell the difference; they only know it doesn't seem to work. They often try to open files by using Word's Open dialog window, which may or may not shows .tif (.tiff) files. Many non-pro-graphics image viewer apps won't deal with CMYK images at all. Some clients you just have to take their hand and guide them through a 'foreign' OS. Which may be a huge task when done over the phone.

The point is, don't blame your disc before you know the client is savvy. (And never blame the client either ;) ) It helps if you can do a fast readability check on an on-site PC before shipping the disc. It eliminates some uncertainty when they do call.

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