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Reading Packet-written discs in Vista


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Am awaiting replies with anxiety/interest as same thing is happening to me at the moment.

Am forced to move from XP to Vista and need to move Word files and photos.

Using EasyCD and DVD Creator 6 (not at all expertly as all I have ever used it for is backup- with no problems I might add).


First CD I tried to open in Vista showed only 3 files that I did not recognise to my horror instead of lots of Word files and folders. It asked me to install UDF reader so I thought what the heck - there was nothing else to see on the disc! It didn't work.

I re-copied some folders on the XP computer to see what happened. Opened it again on Vista and it worked so I copied everything off. But when I tried to open it again in XP it was showing the 3 files with the UDF reader on the XP computer.

Can anybody explain what happened please. How can I do this better?

Thank you

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As you have found out - you cannot install Drag to Disc or Direct CD on Vista - it just will NOT work.


Vista has its own builtin packet writing for both CDs and DVDs


If you can get the files off the CDs - DO IT!!!


Then re-write using Creator, do NOT use packet writing

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The Packet Writer Daithi is referring to in Drag to Disc. Actually you are quite lucky, most people lose all their data when using it…

I agree that using CDFS in sessions is more reliable and universal than a packet writer (although Vista's default writing method is Sonic's packet-writer) but that statement about Drag to Disc is overly extravagant and unsupported by meaningful research. Roxio and Sonic would have their pants sued off them if it was provable.

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