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My idvd app burns better!?



I am new to toast. But when I try to burn a dvd (whatever file size it is) the toast says my 4.38

available dvd disc space is not enough. But the same file burns fine with idvd. What gives?

I've tried this with a 700 meg H264 movie as well as a quicktime uncompressed.

Please help. I don't want to feel I just wasted $99. Thanks.

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Toast uses "Disc" when it is reporting there isn't enough space available on the blank disc. It uses "Disk" when it is reporting there isn't enough hard drive space on the drive where the Roxio Converted Items folder is located. Is it possible that the problem is disk space rather than disc space? If so, change the location of the Converted Items folder in Toast preferences to a drive that has more available space.


Toast's MPEG encoder will fit more video to a DVD than does iDVD because Toast uses compressed Dolby Digital audio whereas iDVD uses uncompressed PCM audio. Also, iDVD reserves more disc space for its menus than does Toast. As long as your video isn't greater than about 3 hours it should fit using Toast.


Try choosing Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button. Then burn it to DVD using the image file setting in the Copy window. If the disc image is larger than 4.38 GB then Toast's Fit-to-DVD will do some additional compression to fit the disc.

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Well, I hope Toast 8 quality is better than Toast 7 because I have bought Toast 7 and I have never been able to make my movies burned with Toast 7 look as good as my movies burned with iDVD.


Any movie seems always too compressed with Toast; I have a mini DV camera (Sony VX2100), a great camera! On a tv screen, the image is clear and sharp, as if you were there! When I burn it with iDVD, the image is as clear and sharp as it was when I film it. Even in night light, there is nearly no noise at all. But when I burn exactly the same movies with Toast, it's like if Toast put a filter on my image... it looks more like film instead of clear home videos. The "as if you were there" effect disapears!! And videos in low light condition are very noisy comparing to those burned with iDVD.


I have already post the problem here and no one has been able to increase the video quality, so now I use Toast only to make copy of image files of videos burned with iDVD, and some other things.


I was hoping that Toast 8 was to offer a new compression engine increasing the video quality but it not seems to be the case. And anyway, nobody seems to notice this video quality problem so maybe it's me the problem.


Anyway, I'm disapointed. I'm happy to have bought Toast and I use it for many, many tasks. This is a great software, no problem with that. But I would have been happy to be able to burn great quality videos too. :(

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