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How to remove Roxio 7 Basic


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I would greatly appreciate any help on removing this program. It’s to my understanding that this program came with my friends son's computer and he must have deleted the folder instead of add remove programs.


Anyway, it killed his cd-rom drivers, I fixed that, used the removal program for only 4 & 5, removed any registry keys with this program, tried in safe mode but apparently this program needs the windows installer/uninstaller program to work properly that this windows program doesn't work in safe mode.


Searched all over the internet in a way to get rid of this, I don't have an installation cd so I can't install it and then reinstall it??


The only thing i have done so the windows installer stops popping up is kill it under services...


I have to say I have never came across a pice of software that kills cd -rom drivers, and has been this much of a hassel to uninstall. I use Roxio for my own computer, and like it, but reading on the internet this is a huge problem??


Comments, suggestions, lots of help??? :angry2:

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You can try the Microsoft Cleanup Utility to get rid of anything Roxio or Sonic.




The optical drives disappearing is a known Microsoft OS bug. It happens sometimes when installing or uninstalling burning software.



I did this, and it still didn't allow me to remove the program...


In addition to what Bruce has said, you can restore the CD access by using this method, outlined by MS





I also did this method last night, the main problem that I have rite now is everytime you boot into windows you get the windows installer program trying to run, its very annoying and takes up cpu and mem usuage because it hangs, and you can't get rid of it.


I disabled it for now, when it comes up it refers to the Roxio program and is trying to install it, but can't find the program files and wants you to insert a cd. <_<


I just want to clean this up, and I don't want to have to do a complete os restore because of this small, but major issue????? Any other suggestions????


Once again, I don't have the cd, I belive it came with the Dell computer

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