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Mp3 discs question



I have suddenly started having problems with file order when burning mp3 discs. First I used MDC to burn the mp3 disc. My very first disc copied fine but the second one did not keep the files in the same order. I went through all the options and checked the "file rename to insure playback" box. After that, I numbered the files and it worked. My very next disc decided that instead of 1,2,3 that it was going to reorganize them as 1,10,11,12 and then 2. I got tired of having to move each file up one level and deleting the untitled subfolder it automatically created. I then tried using Record Now to make a jukebox disc. After dragging the files over in the order I wanted from the HD, I burned the disc. The files are burned in order but completely reversed. I am trying to make a few discography discs and would like to keep them in chronological order. Can anyone help?

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It is a function of the Player and has nothing to do with the burner…


Most mp3 Players utilize a Playlist which sets the order of play.


Those that don't read a Playlist usually sort the files by alphabetical order. For these type you can only force the order by renaming the titles to something like Song 01, Song 02, Song 03, etc.

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