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pc space----does this sound correct?



I dont know if this is the correct place to post this query and if its not then i do apologise....


ive got 80GB drive which is now at 58.7GB and i have no idea why this is as ive no music files or pics saved infact i never save anything so ive no idea where it all goes to???

Same for disc `D` which has a capacity of 4.58GB and used space shows 3.81GB and free space shows 782MB....why is this as ive never saved files in there???


anyone have any thoughts please?

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I'm afraid that's way too vague, Vee.


You've got around 21 GB used on your main drive, and 3.8GB used on your D: drive. We have no way of knowing what you have on those drives, as you are the only person in a position to tell us.


We don't even know what operating system you have there, let alone what applications (programs) you might have installed on your system.


It might be that something like Folder Hog will give you better idea of what's occupying all your space. There are free downloads of a 30-day trial version on many sites. Here's the link for the one on Download.Com.




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i bought this pc NEW 2 years ago


MS Windows XP 5.1 build 2600

home edition

version 2002

SP2 Hewlett Packard Pavillion Inter® Intel P4

Celeron® CPU 2.53gHZ

80GB H.D.

760MB Ram


When i bought it i never did have the full 80GB and the `D` was the same space when i purchased it as it is now and made up of all the built-in files for music etc etc


`C` has so many built-in files its madness and ive never downloaded anything that adds to this volume of space..


I dont think i will use `Folder Hog` as the write up isnt that impressive....thx though Brendon..



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