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Using VideoWave Productions for MyDVD Menus



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How can I use several different VideoWave Productions as menus in MyDVD Slideshow? I keep getting an error message indicating file extention ".DMSM" (VideoWave file) cannot be accepted into MYDVD Slideshow.




I'm confused by your question. :unsure:


Are you trying to 1) edit a VideoWave production in the DVD Slideshow Assistant, or 2) when you say "as menus" do you mean menu backgrounds or 3) do you mean just as movies on the menu?



I just saw the same question in your other post. If this is the same question:


Once you have the VideoWave project done and saved, then you use the command add photo/video in MyDVD. If you try to add a slide show, the program thinks that you are trying to make another slide show.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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