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photosuite 8 download corrupted




my first time here am Im hoping that someone can help me I bought photosuite 8 online began a download which stopped at 205mb tried so many times that I went over the download limit (36!!) just couldnt get any help finally roxio reset my download and I downloaded it but I cant open the program ad it comes up wit5h error debug??? have tried repair and it said uninstall and then re install did that but program still doesnt work.

had photosuite 5 before no problems but this man I am weary over it

I am finding this very stressful spent so much time on it what should I do re-download again (using up my downlaods ) the burn copy is corrupted so cant use that please help if you can I would really appreciate it

regards sandiekid

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I think you would be better off getting a refund and buying the program to be sent to you on disc.






:blink::( what can I say I have done clean install updated driver that was the latest still the program won't open I have paid for extra downloads as well as the program would love the cd but I beleive roxio has a commitment to buyer to help set the progam right.

Its not my computer not my drivers not my fault then who going to help if not software delveloper all I want is to use the stupid program ONCE its been weeks since I bought it and all I get is help that doesnt help

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If you want to talk to Roxio, and tell them what you think, then contact Roxio -



Purchase by Phone

Our representatives are here to answer any pre-sales questions you may have. Please call 1-866-280-7694(Monday - Friday, 11:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M., EST - excluding Roxio holidays).


Questions After Purchase

If you have questions about payment, product download, shipping or general status of your order, please call 1-800-656-5443 or click here for further assistance.




If you need assistance on other non-technical issues, please click here to submit a request for service to a Roxio Customer Care Representative.


European Customer Service

United Kingdom




Those of us who answer here are just people who have bought and use Roxio and Sonic programs. Once in a while someone from Roxio will drop by, but you can recognize them by the Roxio logo by their name.



Edited for Brendon :P

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