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Computer Locked Up when using Creator 10



First, please be gentle. I am new to forums and computers. Treat me as if I were your old Grandpa. I am trying to make slide shows with 50 year old photos for my kids and grandkids.


I installed the Easy Media Creator 10 program and it loaded fine. When I first attempted to us the MyDvd the computer locked up. The computer eventually turned itself off and rebooted.


I have uninstalled all the Sonic software that came with my Hp computer.


First off I was thinking that I might need to install a new sound and graphics card?


Thanks in advance for any help

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The 6150 LE is an onboard chipset and has had its share of reported problems - this webpage has one interesting post at the bottom but unfortunately the poster didn't provide any details as to which update he was talking about.


"I have the same HP Pavilion and nVidia graphics card. I also experience the hibernation problem. I found that it started after a windows update. I removed the latest windows update and the problem is gone."


They also suggest dropping the resolution down to 1028 x 768


However a dedicated video card may be better in the long run

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Any mid-range card will do the job - there's no need for a super, toss pixels round like confetti, one.


Just make sure you get the correct type of card (PCIe or AGP) as these aren't interchangable


Ths sound set you have - I'd rather not comment (mine is slowly driving me crazy but that's down to a different problem)

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Let's not forget that I have a limited knowledge of what you are speaking about. How do I know what is the correct card PCIe or AGP ? I don't want to take the word of some sales person at a "Big Box" computer store.


Well I might have found my own answer. I went to Hp Product specifications for my computer and found that I hav two available PCI slots and one available PCI Express x16 slot. Thanks for your help. Now I know what to ask for when looking for my new graphics card. After looking around the forum I think this program may be more trouble than I want to get involved with. Most people want to just load up a program and go to work.

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OK - you need a PCIe card - there are several cheap ones available with 256 MB of RAM


The program actually needs a semi-decent graphics card to work - unfortunately far too many of the big name machines are built down to a price and they cut corners, especially on the graphics system


Don't buy from HP if you can avoid it - shop round (on or offline) for any PCIe graphics card and you should find one fairly cheaply - installing it is simply a matter of upening the side of the case, plugging it in the slot and then putting in a screw. After that, go to control panel, system and uninstall the existing video drivers, reboot and install the ones for your card (preferably ones downloaded from either the ATI or nVidia website)

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