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Output Larger Than Input In Videowave 8?



I have a DVD recorder that I use to record DVD in various qualities (HD, LP, SLP). I was impressed with the Roxio Media Import program. If I import to MPEG, it automatically adjusts the quality of the MPEG based on the DVD quality.


However, when I then attempt to edit the captured MPEG in VideoWave 8, then "Output To..." another MPEG file, I find the output file is significantly larger than the input file when I choose a profile that closely resembles the input ("LP" input, output to "MPEG for DVD - Smallest File Size"). I know the quality can't ever get "better". And, while I certainly don't want it to get worse, I wish there were a way in VideoWave 8 to easily say "use the same quality as source files". In fact, if all I am doing is clipping garbage from the beginning and end of an MPEG (or clipping commercials from a television show I may want to keep), I would think it would degrade quality to decode and re-encode the MPEG at all. Can't it simply use the existing encoding, and just save the parts of the MPEG that I want to keep?


Even manually matching the encoding is problematic. When I look at the properties of a captured MPEG and try to manually match this encoding in my output, there isn't an exact match. Why is this? I am using Roxio Media Creator 8 for every step of the process, from import, to edit, to output. It is surprising to me that the same formats aren't available.


In an older version of Video Wave, I recal if you used a DV-AVI format (unencrypted), when unedited video was being output (for example, after your intro titles), the preview screen would switch to a "FastDV" logo, and the input file was simply copied to output. I guess I'm wondering why this option isn't available for standard MPEG formatted files.


Anyone out there have any advice on this one? Thanks in advance!!

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Ah I've been through all this, too. It's an unfortunate fact that editing MPEG files will cause Videowave and MyDVD to totally re-render the file. As far as I know, there is no way to get around this. This isn't unique to Roxio products either. I have several other video editors and they all re-render MPEG files.


IF YOU DO NO EDITING, MyDVD8 will not re-render a DVD compliant MPEG2 file.

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