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GoBack functionality with HD and 9.2 upgrade



I just upgraded from a Tivo Series 2 to a Tivo HD.


Everything used to work fine with the Series 2 in terms of transfers from the DVR to Mac (using Roxio Toast) and GoBack functionality from Mac to DVR.


So to upgrade I copied all video from the Series 2 to the Mac and then wiped the Series 2 clean.


I think in the process I ran afowl of the 9.2 update.


At the Mac end, I can see all local videos - those transferred to the Mac prior to 9.2 and post 9.2.


I can also see all videos on the HD and transfer them to the Mac.


At the Tivo HD, I can see the Mac but it only lists pre 9.2 videos - which I can transfer back successfully. I can't see any post 9.2 videos from either the Series 2 or the HD.


I have updated both Tivo Desktop and TivoToGo to the latest versions, but can't resolve the problem.


Is this a case of waiting for a 9.2 fix/Desktop fix/TivoToGo fix or are there other solutions ?


Are there any file utilities which can convert post 9.2 file tags to pre 9.2 ??


Advice appreciated.

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The problem is that TiVo slightly modified the metadata inside the .tivo files such that TiVo Desktop for Mac OSX no longer recognizes the .tivo files. The "video" tab in TiVo Desktop for Mac OSX was a hidden feature so there's no guarantee that they will fix it. Although I would imagine that they should be able to correct this issue.


In the interim, the only way to get .tivo files back to the TiVo is to convert them either into a MPEG-2 file using something like TiVo Decode Manager (www.versiontracker.com) or to use Toast to convert them to something like an MPEG-4 file and then use TiVo.NET to publish them back to the TiVo.


Of course, you could always use TiVo Desktop for Windows and do it that way as well -- but that would require running Windows...

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