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I am new to this forum, but have used CD Creator for a long time. I have recently upgraged my computer with a DVD burner Sony DVD RW DRU-830A. I have two problems:


1. When attempting to burn my DVD project to a DVD-R, the burn process seems to initialize correctly, but after about 2 or 3 minutes into the burn the process freezes. The computer does not freeze, just the program. After 1/2 hour of nothing, I restart the computer. The DVD is trash. The CD burn function works fine, and the program does recognize my Sony burner.


2. As a work around to 1. I wrote project as an image (ISO file). Recorder burns it just fine, however the ISO file recorded does not contain all my project! So DVD quits playing where the ISO file left off. Looking into the folder holding the ISO file on hard drive I noticed a file with .001 extension with my project name (same used for ISO file) That file is not included in when the ISO file is burned to the disc. Files sizes, indicated in DVD Builder 3.67 Gb, on HD ISO file 3.65 Bg, .001 file 0.57 Gb. File size on DVD - 4.32 Gb.


Using XP Home operating system.


Would appreciate any guidance to correct these problems. Thank you.

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The largest contiguous ISO file that V6 will create is 3,352,200kb. Anything over that is in the 001 file and is trashed…


Builders limits are:


60 minutes at Low Compression, Est Project Size 3.385gb

95 minutes at High Compression, Est Project Size 3.354gb


That's it, no fix no workaround…


V10 is the current version and it has the workarounds needed to do more. However you have to realize that as you exceed 1 hour on a 4.7gb DVD, you lose quality. No way around that.

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