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Music Ends Before Images


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Am using DVD Builder that came with my PC preinstalled with all other Roxio products.


Why is it that when I preview my DVD, the songs ends perfectly with the last picture, but when I burn it and watch it on my DVD player, the song ends like 4-5 pics before the last picture? I've wasted about 5 blanks trying different things.


I am burning the file as an ISO image to my hard drive, then burning the iso image using clone DVD. I'm only doing it this way because the DVD recorder source box in DVD builder is greyed out and I cannot select my DVD burner. It used to work before, but I went on a trip, turned everything off, when I came back, the DVD burner was not recognized. Only today have I read my different options for getting it back up, so I will try that tonight, but why am I having the first problem where the "preview" is not what is exactly burned? Please help!!!


Thanks in advance!

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