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audio capture help



hi i am using version 9.0.554. when i try to use the easy audio capture it gives me option capture from SigmaTelAudio, the only choice in that dropdown. for input i get options microphone and cd audio. neither one of these input options seem able to record what i am listening to, internet radio or video sound from the web and such. what do i need to do in order to get it working? help with this would be appreciated.

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First make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound chip.

Next depending on the inputs that your sound chip gives you may not be able to use the built in sound to do what you're trying to do.

Look at Windows sound and make sure that there are no devices under recording that are disabled or muted.

If there is a mixer for your sound chip also then take a look there for the same thing.

You may end up having to get a PCI sound card that will give you the correct settings.The software only displays the choices it is given.


Forgot to ask,are you using XP or Vista?

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i'm using xp. i'm not exactly sure how to make sure about the latest drivers for my chip. i went to control panel and sounds and audio devices everything seems to be working. can you explain further about that? looking in device manager, i believe the drivers are current


"Next depending on the inputs that your sound chip gives you may not be able to use the built in sound to do what you're trying to do." how do i determine whether or not this is the case?


what do you mean by windows sound? how do i determine if there is a mixer for my chip? i don't believe there is. :unsure:

what is a pci sound card? this is for a laptop computer.


it appears as though i need an add in audio card. i saw tbrewst said in another thread that sound blaster seemed to work good for what i want it for but the notebook ones are not in stock at their web site. can u recommend any others that would be good for notebook computers? perhaps i can find sound blaster ones some where else on the net if i look some more. this? http://www.gateway.com/accessories/product...7927&seg=hm

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Depending on the maker of the laptop (Gateway?) you can go to their website and find the latest drivers they have for your existing sound chip.


If you went into the Control Panel,went to Sound and looked at the Sound properties under the recording tab and everything was enabled and you still don't get a good input then the chip just isn't giving you one.The only other place you might control this is if there is a seperate application for your sound chip.For my Audigy Creative has it's own mixer and set of apps for doing things with the card.

Here's a pic of my Control Panel and you can see that I have a few choices for recording.2 that work for me to capture are "What you hear" (which you can see is enabled) and Wav.You'll need something similar to these to be able to capture what you're trying to.That card you linked to should work nicely.


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