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Old computers for Christmas


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The overwhelming majority of the used computers that come into interconnection.com are from businesses, libraries, schools, government, etc. (And often, whatever is good or bad about one computer will be pretty similar in doing refurbishing on the rest of the pallet.)


However, last year I asked Michael, who runs the retail shop up front, what they get for Christmas.


He said it falls into two groups:


- very new computers whose owners have upgraded. These almost always come without Hard Drives, and may be without optical drives or memory. However, they have new, powerful processors and are worth putting back together if the Power Supply hasn't died. (Finding a new Power Supply for something that new, without buying a new one, is hard.)


- very old computers. These usually have all their parts, and are good for an education for people who have never seen 486's or SIMMs or the original MACs, but often the only salvage value is things like screws and slot covers. (The optical drive is usually too old to assume it has a lot of life left in it, and the Hard Drives too small.) The pieces, however, are added to what goes back to Total Reclaim (who delivers most of the computers we work on), so recycling comes out ahead.




PS: for a recycler near you, google "computer recycling [name of city]" without the quotes, and your city filled in :)

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Over here to dispose of a computer (or any electronic equipment) you have to phone up the local council, tell them exactly what and how many pieces are to go and they will (eventually) call and collect it for disposal - do it any other way and they land on you like a ton of bricks

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