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Popcorn 3, Leopard, and DVD+R DL





I just purchased Popcorn 3 today after using Popcorn 2 for a long time. I would like to make copies for some recent DVDs I got that are larger than standard DVD format, and rather than lose quality on a ~60% compression using P3's tools I bought some dual-layer DVD+Rs so the entire uncompressed Video_TS file could be burned.


When I pop in the DVD+R DLs, Leopard recognizes them as DLs (7.96 GB available), but P3 sees the discs as "Blank CD-R" and when I try to burn anyway, an error message tells me that I need to insert a blank DVD. Has anyone had this problem before or is there something I'm missing?


Just for completeness, the DVD+R DL media is from Verbatim, up to 6x speed burn-able.


I need help!


Thanks in advance,


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Disc info reports:



Medium Type: CD-R

DVD Book Type: DVD+R DL

Space Available: 7.96 GB

Space Used: 0 KB

Write Speeds: 19x

Diameter: 120mm

Layers: dual, opposite track path

Manufacturer ID: MKM001



Content Type: Blank


--Details Start Size--

//Nothing written here//


I am using a first generation Macbook Pro (1.83ghz Core Duo) running Leopard (10.5.1). I re-installed my latest OS update (10.5.1) today as a "just-in-case" but Popcorn still only sees a blank CD-R. Is there any other information I can provide to possibly solve this problem?

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Problem has been cleared up -- the Matshita DVD-R UJ-857 is unable to burn DL DVDs. This drive was common to many Macbook Pro (first version) 15" models before eventual upgrades and revisions resulted in Apple using the Matshita DVD-R UJ-857D now, which IS capable of DL DVD burns.


I solved my dilemma by buying an external DVD burner -- ha!

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Is there any other information I can provide to possibly solve this problem?[/b]

My best guess at this point is that the firmware for your superdrive does not recognize that media. Most DVD+R DL media is 2.4x and it may be that your discs are too new for the drive. I see at Verbatim's site they have 2.4X and 8X DL media and have dropped the 6X. I'd return those discs for a refund or replacement for 2.4x media.


Apple rarely releases firmware updates for its superdrives but you might check. You may have noticed the 19x write speed shown in the Toast window. That's obviously wrong as is the media type.


You also might search the MacBook Pro forum at discussions.apple.com to learn if others have reported trouble with 6x DL media.

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The 6x was a mistake on my part -- while the container says "Up to 6x speed (with compatible high speed DVD+R DL Drives)", underneath is written 2.4X speed (matching what I believe you also have). I did notice the clearly erroneous 19x write speed but was unsure what to make of it.


I will look for a a potential superdrive firmware update later tonight and check the forum as well... Here's hoping that either the MBP forum or Roxio helps me find an answer!


Thanks for your help,


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