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Disappearing Drive



I bought Easy CD & DVD today and have spent much of the day trying to resolve the issues that developed. For the record, I am using Vista and the product I purchased is Vista compatible.


A version of the program was loaded on the Dell PC when it was delivered and I removed it when it expired (I thought). There were problems when I installed the new program this morning, so I decided to uninstall everything Roxio in the machine and reinstall the program. I noticed that my E drive had gone missing and installed the program from my other drive. I searched through the Tech Support section on the Roxio site and saw that there was a utility to correct this problem, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK IN VISTA!!!! What is my next step, do I do a system restore to set the registry back to the way it was or is there a better solution?

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Good to hear you got it working!


If you outline what you want to do, we might be able to suggest what you need.


I decided to stick with this version, my needs these days are relatively simple. I seem to be making CDs for my little girl more than anything else...not much of a challenge there.




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I would try the Clean Install steps: Here





Thanks for the suggestion, I did download the cleaner, but I had already uninstalled the program from my PC (apparently cleanly, as it doesn't show as a candidate for deletion in the dialogue box). At this point, I want to simply recover my E drive and will deal with the reinstallation of the program (or more likely, replacement thereof).




Subsequent addition:


Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa....Ooops, I just checked the CMOS and my drive wasn't detected there either. After a little thought (it comes hard these days), I figured out that I must have dislodged the SATA cable while upgrading my RAM yesterday. I did, it was, I fixed it and my computer is happy once again.


I'm still divided as to whether or not to reinstall the program as it does seem somewhat limiting, maybe I need the full version anyway.

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