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Audio won't burn to DVD on last 2 of 4 700MB files



This has happened twice now.


Say I have four .avi files each about 700MB in size, all with verifed video and sound. I drag them into DIVX section of Toast 8. Insert a blank DVD. With plenty of room left on the disk, I click "Burn." After about 5 freeking hours (is Toast 8 slow or what?) of reencoding the file to DIVX, it burns to disk. No problems...UNTIL I TRY AND PLAY IT. Twice now, two separate sets of 4 files (all confirmed to HAVE sound) the last two files are missing the sound track. Its like Toast refuses to burn in the sound on every last two files. I have tried it on several DIVX players. Its not the DIVX player.


Any one else seen this problem? Any ideas to a solution?


Thank You!

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I haven't tried the perian.org codec yet, but I have the same problem with some .avi files. The audio in in these problematic files is .wma. VLC will play them where Quicktime may not.


Supposedly there a way in VLC to convert the .wma to something else but I haven't found it.


Imtoo DVD Creator and DVD Creator copied the video and audio and burnt the DVD. It for me as an experiment, and it was very easily done. However took 6 hours to do. Movie is 4 hours long though in B&W. Plays well on my standalone DVD player and computer.


Now I'll try the perian.org codec.

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