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Where is the encoded file stored?



Toast 8. I have 4 Gigs of files in say .avi format. I want to burn them into a playable DIVX disk. Toast 8 proceeds to take all freeking day to encode this 4 G's into DIVX. (One time it got all the way through encoding it all - literally like 6 hours later - and just before it starts to burn, it errors out saying "4.6 Gigs are needed, and 4.5 are available. AAARRRRGGHH!!" Ok - first of all, why did Toast let me get this far? Why not tell me this BEFORE making me wait all day for it to encode?


My main question is, where is this encoded file stored? Can I access it later? Say I want to make several copies, but I dont realize I want several copies until after I have only burned one. It seems like Toast does all this work encoding these huge files, over the course of nearly an entire workday, only to NOT save it for burning more copies of you want later. It just erases that whole new file??


So, simply put, where does Toast cache/store the encoded file?

Can you set Toast to save this file for later use?


I'm on a Dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5, with about a Gig of Ram.



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For the most part you'll find these in the Roxio Converted Items folder which is in your Documents folder by default. You can move it to another location - such as a different hard drive that has lots of free space - by changing the setting Converted Items setting in the Copy window. Your description sounds like you ran out of hard drive space.

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