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Upgrading from Creator 9 to 9.1



I have had the hardest time getting Easy media Creator 9 to play DVD. Anyway, after a clean install procedure, i was able to install it successfully, and it was working fine.


Now, it often seemed sluggish to start up, but I was able to live with that.. but on seeing the 9.1 update, I thought I should try it.


After doing that update, i now have what seems to be a totally different program installed. As a matter of fact, it looks like a downgrade: The option to play dvd's is not even there, and there is no main program access, but instead I have to go through the Vista start menu to access each aspect of creator 9 that I need access to.


Am I Missing something? Any ideas? What happened to the main access feature? I DON'T even have any desktop shortcuts as those that were there were removed by the upgrade, but were not replaced with anything. How could the DVD Player feature just be eliminated?

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I too, have downloaded and installed the 9.1 "update".


HEY ROXIO, are you serious?!?!?


What a completely disjointed, cobbled together, disaster. It insists on installing "Media Manager", even after I asked it not to during install process, still has that stupid backup program, even though it says it doesn't in the install directions, no icon on the quick launch even though I asked for it during installation, and the worst, I mean the absolute worst is, NO CENTRAL TOOLBOX!


That's right, you have to go to the start button and choose from about forty different possibilites!


Good grief! We waited all this time for THIS?


If this is some sort of attempt to get us to buy the upgrade to version ten, you are SERIOUSLY mistaken.


Nosiree Bob, this is absolutely the last Roxio product that will ever land on a pc of mine.


Unbelievable, just absolutely unbelievable. :angry:

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Right now, a post like that actually gives me relief. You have vented for more than just yourself. Thanks!


In all likelihood, This is also my last Roxio purchase. The headache is not worth it. Technical assistance, i would swear is being generated by a robot. 95% of the times, the response to my questions are not relevant at all, other than the program version.


I elected to revert to the version that comes on the CD. Still filled with problems, but I am not going to drive myself crazy over a piece of software. When i get to the point where I cannot work around these things, i would spend my money on a different program.



As messed up as this program is, version 10 should be offered as a complimentary upgrade to 9 users! ... But then again, this s business...though at its worst.

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