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Nope, it sure does not. If you want to control your CD/DVD drives like Drag-to-Disk did you have to find another way. It looks like a nice routine was lost. :angry:
It was only a "nice application" when one used it correctly, and understood it's limitations. Too many times users post here how they've used it as a means of backing up their only copy of irreplaceable files, only to find out the discs are no longer readable.
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Better to lose the Packet-Writing program, than lose your data.


However, you can ren earlier Versions of EMC alongside EMC 10, and have Packet-Writing if that's what you want; or you can use the Vista Packet-Writing if you have Vista.


I lost enough data using Packet-Writing, thanks. It is mistakenly assumed to be a backup, when in fact it is only for temporary use, as transferring files when you don't have a Flash drive (aka Thumb / Jump / Pen / Keychain drive) or External Hard Drive available.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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