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Failing to Burn Memorex 8X DL properly




Recently I got some DVD+R DL 8X to burn on my Mac Pro. Yes I know memorex is crap and I always use Verbatim but it was a really good deal on these discs so I bought some. Now the problem is Toast 8 burns these discs at 4X, 6X, 8X. On 6X, burn fails halfway through while @ 4X and 8X the verification fails. However toast 8X is not able to burn these discs @ 2.4 while the Nero on my PC can only do 2.4X and 8X. Is there anyway that I can make Toast to burn these discs @ 2.4X? or prevent it from failing discs?

Thanks in Advance

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After you click the red ball you will see write speed, what do you do? Don't use best. Should be a drop down menu and it should say 2x. I use nothing but Verbatims so I either use 2x or 4x.


Make sure you choose DVD-DL right above the red ball.


If it doesn't give that option then either the media or firmware for your drive doesn't allow 2x.

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