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Drives not recognized since V.6 installed

William Tay

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Hi Dan,


If your DW1620 isn't picked up automatically by Easy Cd Creator's Dynamic Drive Detection code, then you'll need to patch your registry to make ECDC recognize the drive.


Your drive is developed on the same base as the Philips DVDRW-1640P and should be functionally identical to it, according to cdanteek who is a practical guru on such things and sent me some of his research. [Thanks again, cd]


The Philips drive was recognized by the 535R updater, so if we grab the Philips drive's registry entry we should be able to make your DW1620 recognized by ECDC. This edit works only for Creator, because Direct CD uses a different recognition system. Here's how to do the edit.


You may want to back-up your registry before you do this, by "exporting" it to a file with the registry editor, regedit.


1) Run regedit.exe and search (Ctrl-F) for 'device083' You should find a registry entry for a SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD drive

2) Press F3 to search again, and the second device083 entry should be for the Philips DVDR1640P

3) Double-click the highlighted device083 and an edit box should open showing the contents of the key which should read

PHILIPS DVDR1640P,PHILIPS,DVDR1640P,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9

4) Edit the contents to read

BENQ DVD DD DW1620,BENQ,DVD DD DW1620,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9

5) Check the edit, and then click on OK to complete the editing.

6) Exit the editor


Your DW1620 should now be recognized by CD Creator.


Please let me know how it goes.





Hi Guru Brendon,

I think I faced the same problem as Dandare. I have two drives-


HP DVD Writer 300n


Both drives worked flawlessly previously until below issue came in.....


I have been using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.3.4 SP8 Basic comfortably. All went well until I installed Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1.


I uninstalled 5.3.4 b4 installing 6.1.


Below abnormality encountered after the installation.


When using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1, and click the Burn Button, an error message saying There are no supported CD-recorder available. Ensure that your CD-recorder is powered on.....


Further checking reveal the Tool > CD Drive Properties is grey and All option under Disc pull down menu is grey. I think they drive is no recognized by the application.


Additional observation. At Windows Explorer, if you put Roxio Easy CD Creator installer in there, the drive name changed from DVD/CD-RW Drive (D:) to Easy CD Creator (D:) in normal scenario. But after installation, it became CD Drive (D:). I was still able to access the content.


I uninstalled Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 and reinstalled Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.3.4 SP8 Basic but same problem.


Subsequently I followed the instruction at




but yield no improvement. I am stuck.


Kindly advise what should I do.

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Hello William,


You don't have the same problem as Dan - your drives should be recognized by both version 5 and version 6.


It looks like you have tangled the innards of the software by installing 6 when all of 5 hadn't first been removed.

You need to clean out and tidy up before you do anything else.

1) uninstall any Roxio software that's still installed. Use the add/remove programs part of Control Panel for this.

2) remove any major fragments left behind with Roxio's brute force uninstaller, Roxizap. It's available here.


Once you've done this, decide if you're going back to version 5, or trying version 6 again.


ECDC5 - install from your CD, don't reboot, apply any updates you need and then reboot.


ECD&DVDC6 - Install from the CD, apply any necessary updates, and reboot. Accept any drive update which might be offered after you install. If your drives are not recognized by Roxio after that, update the PX engine with the download you'll find here.




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