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RecordNow 9 burning issues (track order, gaps, static)



To begin with, I have EMC V6 and have been using Roxio products for a long time. I am familiar with basic CD burning, and have created hundreds of CD's in the last few years. I am a Grateful Dead fan, and I burn live concerts primarily, and the reason I purchased RecordNow V. 9 is so that I could burn audio CD's directly fom FLAC files without first converting them to WAV.


I am having a few problems:


Track Order

When I add songs to my music project, the order does not come in right. All of the songs in a concert are named in numerical order (gd80-06-21d1t01, gd80-06-21-d1t02, etc.) so the file names are good. When I use the Add Music button, it always places the last song first. If I drag and drop, the order is scrambled. I need the songs to come in the order the files are named.



I am getting a small gap (1/2 second) between tracks. I am using DAO closed (although it is under Data options.) I don't see any other options to control this. The Grateful Dead can play continuously for an hour without stopping, but play 6 songs. We can't have gaps.



I am getting static interference after the first couple of songs. The static gets worse as the CD plays. I have a philips internal CD burner, and it worked fine with EMC V6 and everything else. I have slowed the burn speed to 24x and raised the recording memory cache. Not much else to do here, and I won't go out and buy a new external burner just to test it out.


The only reason I purchased this software is so I can burn audio CD's from FLAC files, and for such a singlular reason I didn't think I should get the full blown EMC v10 which does everything under the sun.


What do you think??????


(my computer info: Dell Dimension DXC061, Pentium Dual CPU, 2.8 GHZ, 2 GB RAM, 300 GB internal HD, 750 GB external HD, windows XP professional v2002, SP2. Burner: Philips CDRW/DVD SCB5265)

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