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Toast 8.0.3 crashes OS X 10.4.11



I have a G4 Mac running OS X. with 1.5 GB of RAM installed. I recently upgraded to 10.4.11. I also have Toast 8.0.3, which I had upgraded prior to the OS X upgrade.


When I start Toast, Everything looks fine. But when I try to burn a CD, I get a kernel panic/system must be restarted. It also happens if I just do an "About Toast" to verify my version number.


Is this an incompatibility with 10.4.11? Itunes still burns on both my internal CD drive and my external USB DVD/CD burner.


Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

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Does this happen with both the internal CD drive and with the USB DVD drive? What is it you're trying to burn to CD?


I'm presuming this problem started with either the Toast update or with the 10.4.11 update. If it is the latter then I suggest downloading and applying the appropriate 10.4.11 combined system update on top of your existing 10.4.11. This sometimes fixes odd System issues that appear after an incremental system update.

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It happened after the 10.4.11 update. And yes, it happened whether I used the internal CD Burner or the USB-Attached DVD/CD Burner. I was trying to burn audio CDs from 44.1 Khz / 24-bit WAV files. Toast has always done this in the past with no problem, converting the 24-bit files into 16-bit files for CD audio.


I'll try to do the combined system update when i get the time. I'm always using this machine in my studio.



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