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Vista SP1 benefit will be stability and reliability, not performance

The Highlander

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Vista SP1 benefit will be stability and reliability, not performance


Will Vista SP1 and how this won’t bring any relief to those who find Vista a bit slow or sluggish? Not really, but then again service packs aren’t about performance increases; they’re about reliability and stability.


I’ve seen a lot of service packs in my time. Windows 95 and ME both got one service pack, NT 4.0 saw six, Windows 2000 had four and XP has so far seen two. But what I don’t remember regarding any of these service packs is installing it onto a system and then seeing any significant boost in performance. Service packs don’t really work that way. Sure, you’ll feel specific improvements as a result of some of the tweaks and fixes contained in the service pack, and you might feel the benefit of having your operating system refreshed by loading the service pack onto it, but a service pack should not be looked upon as a performance upgrade. If your system can’t run an OS, what it needs is upgrading or replacing, not the application of a service pack.


With Windows Vista SP1 on the horizon it’s time to cut through the hyperbole, speculation and myth and get down to reality. Now that Microsoft has released a preview of the release candidate of SP1 we no longer need to make wild guesses. By marking this preview as a release candidate we know that barring any last minute bug fixes, this is what SP1 will look and feel like when it’s finally released.


I’ve been running Vista SP1 on a number of non-critical systems now since it was made available and overall I’ve been very pleased with it. I’ve been running Vista since the day that it went RTM over a year ago and since then the operating system has matured greatly, not only as a result of hardware vendors releasing better drivers, but also because Microsoft has been drip-feeding users updates designed to improves stability, reliability and performance. These updates will be rolled into SP1, which means that those who have been keeping up with will already be benefiting from them, while those that haven’t and who are waiting for SP1, they’ll see the benefits after installing the service pack.




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